I've offered this up before but if anyone wants to talk, i'm on AIM and Yahoo a lot. KevinKITHFanatic on AIM and brentpopolizios1fan on Yahoo...I should make a KITH related name for Yahoo but I haven't yet.

I have this urge to watch Kevin's part in Outkast's video "Roses" again. :) Its been awhile.

I'm on my space also if anyone wants to check that out and add me, let me know.

Its been another KITH watching day, in this crappy snowy weather. I wish I was in LA instead of IL just to see Kevin tomorrow.
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Hi it's me! i came to post a piece of fanart!
it's a picture of Kevin and Scott! i love those two together! they are so funny ^___^
it's funny how they both have experience being voice actors.
I like Kevin in that animated show Cat Scratch. and i am quite dissapointed at the fact in canada they cancelled the animated series "Roboroach" which had Scott Thompson being the voice for that robotic roach ;_; is my fanart! i hope you like it!

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I am looking for more KITH fans to talk with through instant messenger. My names are on my LJ profile if you would like to chat with me. I've been watching KITH all day. I'm ordering Season 4 probably tomorrow.


I had a dream about going to some movie premiere with Kevin McDonald and making out with him throughout the entire movie, whatever the hell it was. Dave Foley was staring over at us wide eyed, might have also been outside of the theatre too.....I'm having a severe rambling of thoughts and daydreaminess today. Anyway, yeah.....probably a dumb thing for a post but, I had to get it out somehow.

hello again

Hi i previously posted introducing myself and asking if where i can find good pictures of Kevin McDonald. but today i came to post fanart.

it IS kevin McDonald, but the fanart is kevin AND scott ^^;;

yes i love scott too....

so here it is! i hope you like it~

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